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Junior Chefs: At Rainbow Chefs camp, I have been learning different techniques – on how to make foods, like putting different vegetables in pots by using the Side, and how to cut potatoes using knives.

Rainbow Chefs: Good Job. What else can you say about what you have been learning at Rainbow Chefs?

Junior Chefs: Umm.. I have been learning how tp make different recipes, like, one of my favorites is Brazilian Banana sweet, it was really good.

Rainbow Chefs: Thank you so much for your feedback.


Junior Chefs: Hello watchers, today we made a jam that was kind of spicy and we made delicious cream cheese frosting. And we had Bagels and we put it on them,and then when we ran out of Bagels, we used bread.

Rainbow Chefs: And it was good?

Junior Chefs: And we are learning how to clean up and wash dishes.

Rainbow Chefs: What else did you learn at Rainbow Chefs

Junior Chefs: How to cook way more things than I used to know.

Rainbow Chefs: Good, are you enjoying it?

Junior Chefs: Yes

Rainbow Chefs: Thank you so much for your feedback.

The food was delicious and the presentation was beautiful. Paul and his team did a wonderful job. I will definitely refer your company to all our friends and coworkers. Thank you so much for all your help. Patricia, Kensington, CA

Everything was fantastic and exceeded my expectations! Brianna, CA

The event was great! Really fun, and super glad we did it!
Thank you so much for your help in coordinating, can’t wait to do it again next time!! Kristie, CA

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I just wanted to thank you for a very memorable birthday celebration! The girls, and parents had a great time!!!!
It was so fun to watch the kids and see how they can’t follow directions! Hahhaa!!!
It was a total blast!!!! THANK YOU!!!! Cheryl, CA

Can’t say enough great things about Lana and her team! All the chefs are very friendly and well…(5 Stars Google Review) Noor, CA

It was the most amazing meal I’ve ever had…by far. Every mouthful was divine. I felt like Meg Ryan in “When Harry met Sally” in the dinner scene. My husband and my daughter loved it too. I died and went to heaven. It was beyond my wildest dreams. Can’t say enough! Barbara, CA

My son really enjoyed this camp. He tried a lot of new food that he won’t taste at home. He was reciting the 5 food groups. I recommend this camp for kids. Steven, Danville, CA

I was very impressed with the culinary techniques and vocabulary my daughter learned.The food was delicious and I appreciate the fact that fresh ingredients were used and cooking “from scratch” was encouraged. Thank you! Judy, Los Angeles,CA

Summer Classes are going great! The kids love them and the instructor is great with them! Thank you. Maysha (YMCA Director), SF, CA

My son really really enjoyed the “Rainbow Chefs – American Food Tour” at Rancho elementary school. Thank you thank you so much. Now he accepted to try new and HEALTHIER foods… and more than willing to help in the kitchen !! Ms. Moore was wonderful with the children.. always smiling, patience and encouraging all to try and learn. We really appreciate the time and effort she spent on our child. All of us enjoyed the conversations that Anthony brought home on how certain foods were prepared, how to hold the knives safely, etc… wonderful wonderful experiences !!! Once again, thank you! Jen, Novato, CA

Our son has really enjoyed the Winter Camp with Rainbow Chefs, he had fun and is now making his own snacks. Keep up the good work!!! Jennie, Belmont, CA

Both of our twins have been really happy with learning all the new international recipes and learning fun food facts which is part of the great curriculum taught at Rainbow Chefs. As parents we are thrilled that there is so much learning going on while the girls are cooking such healthy, delicious recipes. Alex & Sarah, Los Angeles, CA

Thank you for teaching our son kitchen safety, cooking vocabulary and how to bake homemade chocolate oatmeal cookies that he now is almost making all by himself. Thank you Chef Lana!!! Brian, San Francisco, CA

I am so happy that all three of my kids are finally enjoying being in the kitchen and are learning nutrition and even how to eat with a fork and a knife, which is fantastic. Great program, very nourishing and children are definitely have lots of FUN. Monica, Sunnyvale, CA

Rainbow Chefs Academy has been teaching my son great things. He is now completely able to make his own salad, safely cut and most of all he knows the basics of nutrition and the differences between white sugar and brown sugar, and many other very needed facts. Thank You!!! Ashouk, San Ramon, CA

The party was great and the kids had a great time. Chef Paul was great and good with the kids. We really enjoyed it and so did the other parents. Tony, CA

Yesterday we had a great time in our kitchen as a family! Ever since both of our children have been attending Culinary Arts Classes at Rainbow Chefs, our kids have been trying to make their own snacks, are interested in cooking and helping us clean up, asking us questions about which food belongs to which food groups, and generally trying new dishes. Great classes!! Sarah & Jeremy, Hillsborough, CA

The party was wonderful! Avery had a great time, as did all her guests. Kevin was a lot of fun. Kept the party going at a great pace and seemed to have fun with all the kids too. Will definitely recommend Rainbow Chefs to anyone!!! Thanks again for all your help! You made this process incredibly easy. Alison, Livermore, CA

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