Rainbow Chefs mission is to deliver life lessons that will improve the wellness of society.


Corporate Health & Wellness Programs

Rainbow Chefs was created to make a difference in the lives of as many people as possible; by teaching life lessons with Culinary Arts. Many individuals want to go back to basics and understand how to prepare their own healthy, nutritious meals. That is why we want to offer corporations an Employee Wellness Program. Our interactive hand-on program offers not only an understanding on how to make healthy food choices and learn about portion control, but we also offer safety and sanitization, knife skills and the basic understanding about meal preparation.

Health & Wellness Offerings

  • Eat Well & Stay Healthy
  • Healthy Tomorrow
  • Employees on the Go
  • Seasonal Harvest
  • From Junk Food to Healthy Eating on the Same Budget
  • Meals with 5 Ingredients or Less
  • Quick & Easy Meals
  • Vegetarian Delights


  • Employees learn the basics of healthy food preparation
  • Employees learn the facts on portion control, meal planning, seasonal cooking, nutrition facts and many easy/healthy recipes
  • By making the healthy choices employee stay productive, focused and energetic through the work day
  • If you have a healthy employee, your insurance costs are reduced and your employee productivity goes up
  • Bringing a healthy culture to the Corporate Workplace
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