Rainbow Chefs mission is to deliver life lessons that will improve the wellness of society.


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2nd-5th Grade

Rainbow Chefs offers students the opportunity to learn important life lessons through the Culinary Arts; which include nutrition, kitchen safety, culinary arts, meal planning, seasonal cooking, portion control, manners, etiquette and much more. Rainbow Chefs is dedicated to instilling healthy habits from a young age so that our kids choose to continue a healthy lifestyle!

Rainbow Chefs builds strategic partnerships with schools, recreation centers, YMCAs, and child centered organizations to deliver classes, programs, events, and camps. If your school or organization does not already offer Rainbow Chefs classes, programs, events, camps, etc. please contact us at inquires@rainbowchefs.com, so that we may partner together to make a difference in your community. Rainbow Chefs recipes are nut free and we use fresh and seasonal ingredients – we show you how to make healthy foods with easy recipes from scratch!!!

K-1 Enrichment
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