Rainbow Chefs mission is to deliver life lessons that will improve the wellness of society.


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Meet The Rainbow Chefs Team

Svetlana Elgart Founder and CEO


Svetlana has spent the last 17 years working with children in many different capacities. She founded and ran her own Kids Homework Club for over 6 years, as well as a successful tutoring business tutoring children in all subjects. Svetlana also founded Strings of Art in 2004 an art center for children that ran successfully with over 160 students. Since Svetlana was born in Ukraine, making healthy dishes from scratch using non-processed, natural ingredients came easy for her. Svetlana has developed many recipes including her own interpretations on how to make them easy, healthy and quick. Teaching children/ families has always been her passion and something that she enjoys immensely. For the past few years she has been developing curriculums and researching the tremendous health issues that many children face today because of consumption of processed, high fat unhealthy foods. It has been her lifelong dream to make a difference in the life of as many people as possible by educating them life lessons through culinary arts. She believes that educating people of all ages on nutrition, how to cook healthy, easy and nutritious meals, learn the basics of manners, etiquette, and gardening will help them attain a healthy lifestyle. This is what lead her to open the doors of Rainbow Chefs (formerly known as Les Petit Chefs Academy) where she is successfully making a difference in the life of as many people as possible.

Shandy Torain RD, CFT

Shandy is a Registered Dietitian Consultant and Certified Fitness Trainer with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Kinesiology, Exercise Nutrition and Wellness. She has over 13 years of experience working in the fitness industry helping adults reach their health, wellness and fitness goals through personal training, group exercise instruction, and nutrition workshops. Shandy has also helped children learn the benefits of exercise and healthy eating at a young age through various community programs.
Shandy completed her Dietetic Internship in February 2010 which provided graduate level training on the role of the dietitian in government community nutrition programs, public school districts and clinical settings. During the internship she continued to write on various health and nutrition topics for a wellness website as well as provide fitness services in her community.
Shandy has obtained a wide range of skills sets as a Registered Dietitian including: providing Nutrition Seminars; offering wellness advice at Farmers Markets and Health Fairs; working with Corporate Chefs to provide healthier, balanced menu options; analyzing nutrition data for recipes on computer software; creating wellness programs; and assisting in marketing and promotion of health and wellness.
By staying up to date with literature, research and food trends, Shandy remains passionate about helping children and adults lead healthier lives, which was the driving factor in becoming part of the Rainbow Chefs team. She provides a balanced approach to achieving optimal wellness. She is a mother of three children and understands the importance and challenges of starting children on an early path to a healthy lifestyle.

Keith Stater Director of Education & Delivery

Keith has been teacher in culinary arts, music, French and a school administrator for more than 15 years. He was a foreign language undergraduate major having studied French, Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese. He completed his teacher credential program at UNO and received his masters in Education Administration at San Francisco State University. Keith has built education opportunities both state side and abroad through a network of some of the most in demand educators across the globe. His services have been sought out by parents far and wide for his exemplary customer service, the level of personal care given to each individual family and for the quality of education programming he associates with. He has a rich history of community involvement in the bay area.

He started cooking at a very young age hosting elaborate dinner parties before becoming a Foreign Exchange student to Brazil (high school) and again in France (undergrad) where he studied with chefs and took culinary classes respectively. He went on to work in the field and teach cooking and nutrition based classes and hosted the music/ cooking show “The Noisy Kitchen”.

Keith also serves on the board of directors for the EFBA, French Education in the Bay Area.

Sashiko Rodgriguez Recipe Coordinator

Sashiko Rodriguez is a creative Chef instructor with the desire to influence and educate those around her in a healthy lifestyle. The kitchen has always been a focal point in the up bring of Chef Sashiko. After pursuing a career in the fine arts she became aware of the importance of food from a nutritional stand point. This influenced her decision in pursuing an education in the culinary arts at Le cordon Bleu in pasadena.

Throughout school and after graduating Sashiko was able to apply her aesthetic sensibilities from her background in fine arts to her fine dining experience at Matthew Kenny’s M.A.K.E raw food cuisine. Understanding the need for early introduction to healthy living she worked with children and at risk youth in mentoring programs and at a children’s cooking academy in Los Angeles.

Currently at Rainbow Chefs, in Northern California, she enjoys teaching children and implementing traditional culinary art techniques with an emphasis on nutrition and fun.

Galla Bradshaw Corporate Director


Galla started her career in software sales. Most recently she was managing an inside sales team at VMware (ITBM division). Being a mother of two very active kids her life is always on the go. She became interested in Rainbow Chefs because of the importance of healthy eating and teaching kids at a very young age how the choices they make will impact their lives. Her hope is that she can influence people in thinking differently about food.
She hopes to bring the Rainbow Chefs way of life to every individual.

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