About Us

Meet Our Founder, Svetlana “Lana” Elgart

At Rainbow Chefs, we are revolutionizing the industry by teaching life lessons through culinary arts. Our founder Svetlana Elgart started this journey in 2014 and since then, thousands of people have experienced a life-changing event at one of our parties, classes and team building activities. We believe that what we offer is something special; an opportunity to learn valuable skills while connecting with others in a healthy environment. Not only will you gain knowledge about food preparation but you’ll have a great time along the way!

At Rainbow Chefs, we guarantee an unforgettable experience full of fun and learning!

We’re here to make a difference – book your healthy event today!

Rainbow Chefs Academy
Rainbow Chefs Academy
We are revolutionaries debunking the myths around the wellness industry.

We are changing the Health/Wellness EDUCATION industry by Educating our Youth on healthy eating, healthy cooking and how to lead a healthy lifestyle. In 2015, our founder, Svetlana Elgart, started Rainbow Chefs.

Fast-forward 7 years, and Rainbow Chefs has delivered thousands of life changing lessons to its clients, celebrated over 6000 healthy birthday parties with our Aspiring Chef and successfully trained many to be a Rainbow Chef.

We think we might be onto something really big.

Making a Difference

45,000 children have been through our Healthy Educational Programs, Healthy Birthday Parties, enrichment and After school programs, Camps and counting.

Rainbow Chefs Mission is to improve the wellness of society through educational, hands-on events/programs and to offset diabetes and obesity in our society as a whole.

We are so excited to offer you our Amazing Healthy Birthday Parties where your Aspiring Chef will experience and enjoy preparing his/her own Birthday Party Extravaganza with his/her guests!

The IMPACT we create through our events is incredible and we want everyone to join us in creating Rainbow Chefs everywhere we can.

Rainbow Chefs Academy

Our Mission

Rainbow Chefs mission is to improve the wellness of society.

Vision Statement

We will educate students and consumers on how to live a healthy lifestyle, emphasizing nutrition and the culinary arts, that is sustainable for the individual and beneficial for society as a whole.

Who We Serve

Schools (Public and Private)
Community Centers
Anyone who wants to get on the path to clean eating habits!