FAQs for Kids

How many children can be in each party?

As stated on our packages it’s $45 each additional child.

Do you pay less if there are less than 12 children?

No, regardless of the children being less, you will pay a full package price.

How many instructors will there be if we have more than 12 children?

We add 1 instructor after 15 children. So over 15 children we will have 2 instructors.

Do we need to bring a cake?

It is entirely up to you and also depending on what menu you have chosen. If you have chosen a menu that has a dessert in it, then of course the children will make, decorate and be able to eat that dessert. We certainly are able to put candles in their desserts that they made and help you sing them a happy birthday.

Can we decorate the facilities?

You are welcome to decorate the facilities if you would like. We do not provide decorations but we do take care of the set up, and our set up looks very festive.

Are all the supplies including paper products included?

Yes all the paper products, utensils, napkins, table coverings, food, materials are included.

Do we have to bring our own candles and matches?

Yes we recommend that you bring your own matches and candles with you.

If the party is at our house or our venue, what do we need to provide for it to be successful?

If we are doing a party that requires a stove/oven we will need to use your stove/oven, probably a baking sheet and we will need a table and chairs where the children can have a working area and an eating area.

Is there a traveling fee if the Chef Instructor comes to our venue/home?

Yes there is a traveling fee depending on your location and the location of the instructor. The traveling fees range from $45-85 depending on distance.

Can we bring our own food to your facilities?

Yes you are welcome to bring your own food/drinks if you would like for the parents.

How much tips should we give to the instructor?

Tips are added to your event automatically at 18% gratuity.

Will I receive the recipes from the party?

Yes, all the recipes from the parties are emailed to you after each party.

What if one of the children has an allergy?

Since there is a form that every parent needs to fill out, we can address each allergy on an individual basis with the parents. It is imperative that each parent fills out the allergy form before the party. If the allergy forms are not filled out before the party, then the child will not be able to participate.